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Practitioner’s Handbook: Environmental | Health | Safety | Social Legislations and Regulatory Framework in India UpToDate


This Practitioner's Handbook is prepared by INDUS, as part of Envirotrends focusing on developments in EHSS legislations and corporate trends in India.


It essentially provides EHSS managers with a cost effective tool for identifying and monitoring potential risks and liabilities and compliance issues associated with anindustrial unit.


This publication presents the most important and relevant information regarding EHSS regulatory compliance in a concise, simple, and user-friendly manner.

Our review of EHSS compliance is fully based on professional judgment and hence the information in the document will guide EHSS managers on regulations of the country to ensure maximum compliance.


Keeping the ever-increasing size of the handbook in mind and seeking better and easier ways to reach out to a greater number of readers more conveniently, its electronic version was launched in September 2011.