Hydrogeological Studies and Design of Rainwater Harvesting Systems

We conduct Source Vulnerability Analysis (SVA), i.e. Hydrological and Hydrogeological studies for surface and groundwater resource evaluation and its vulnerability in terms of quantity and quality for existing or proposed manufacturing facilities.

The scope of work includes:

  • 1. Evaluation of the proposed surface water supply source
  • 2. Delineation of micro-watersheds governing the hydrogeology of the site based on primary and secondary data
  • 3. Water Source Assessment in the watershed
  • 4. Groundwater Source Availability Assessment
  • 5. Collection of well inventory and water related data in case the required data is not available from secondary sources of the watershed
  • 6. Assessment of surface water source quality vulnerability and source water protection plan by identifying the surface pollutants and its impact. This task will involve chemical analysis of water samples.
  • 7. Additional tasks – installation of bore-well on site, conduct Resistivity Soundings and Pumping Test

    • Hydrogeological Investigations and Geo-electrical Resistivity Surveys towards fulfilment of Source Vulnerability Assessment (SVA) of water resources, aquifer characteristics and analysis of groundwater of a US multinational industrial products manufacturing company at Mysore, Karnataka, India; July 2014