Our team

We have a team of 25 professionals operating from six offices at New Delhi, Chennai, Pune, Vadodara, Hyderabad, and Kolkata. We undertake projects from all over India. Our team is known for its High Quality Work, Technical Excellence, Uncompromising Professionalism, and Ethical Behavior. INDUS provides its services not only in India, but also in neighboring countries in Asia such as Bangladesh, Nepal, Sri Lanka, and Thailand.

Every member of our team, in spite of their continued professional success, is always eager to learn more and believes that there is a long way to go. Most importantly, we begin any assignment with an open mind, fully aware of and ready to face the challenges ahead; and not let the challenges discourage the spirit of trying out new methods. Our team members are ever ready to 'unlearn' and 'relearn'. We believe that unwillingness to unlearn is one of the biggest hurdles usually. People most of the times do not want to review their beliefs.


Our team of senior professionals takes the full responsibility for assignments and also serve as mentors and guides for younger colleagues. Our senior team members have grown from the ranks gaining invaluable experience in the process which they are more than willing to share with the younger generation because they believe that knowledge shared is knowledge gained. The current generation of young people is more sharp, intelligent, and resourceful than the older generation and add value to the process in their own ways.


The INDUS team mostly consists of young professionals with a desire to excel in what they do and be creative in their pursuits. Most importantly this is a team with fire inside them to do something different for the world we are living in, in innovative ways and in the process gain more knowledge and be ready for more challenges. As an organization, it has been our goal to provide more and more opportunities to the younger generation to demonstrate to them how to implement the knowledge they have gained on the field. They are exposed to challenges and methods to overcome them. The objective is to groom them into fine professionals who will have freedom to have their own opinions and ways of doing things. We help them to gain confidence to do the right things and to make them understand that 'Yes, it is possible'. We can call it Innovation, Quality, Excellence, and so on. Building a strong foundation is, however, the most important and that is what we are trying to achieve at INDUS.