We all know that environmental impacts of our past activities are becoming increasingly evident. Society and judiciary exert increasing pressure on the industry and government to improve and maintain environmental quality for our future generations. At the same time public awareness on health, safety and social aspects is also increasing and there is a growing expectation that both public and private sector organizations will display responsible behaviour and sensitivity in handling these issues. Needless to say, this has led to more stringent enforcement from regulatory authorities and judiciary. Looking at the instances that led to enforcement actions against the industry over the past two decades, the importance of a proactive approach has become apparent.


The industry has realized that a backlog of necessary compliance actions is unacceptable. However, one of the major problems faced by the industry has been to access current and latest information on the legal requirements and their applicability.


We at INDUS understand that in an ever-changing regulatory scenario, at both national and international levels, it is difficult for an Environment, Health, Safety, and Social (EHSS) manager to keep himself fully updated on these aspects. We, therefore, brought out a series of publications to provide EHSS managers and other professionals with reliable and well analysed information to monitor and track changes in EHSS legislation and related developments so as to help them in ensuring continued regulatory compliance.

Each publication is well researched, inclusive, and supported with relevant case studies, Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs), and INDUS' comments for better interpretation and to provide a complete picture. FAQs take into consideration the common problems faced by the industry and help the reader in dealing with the problems in a more holistic manner.