Social initiatives

Our Belief

Inspired by the overarching vision of giving and being socially responsible, we believe in 'Putting People First' and sharing what we have with the community. The sentiment behind helping the community is strongly embedded in our values. Since its inception, INDUS has contributed to the society in every way possible and aspires to do more as it grows.

We have been involved in philanthropic initiatives with various NGOs and institutions. From contributing to organizations working with elderly citizens, disaster relief, child rights, anti-corruption, and physically challenged, we have been involved in a number of developmental and charitable activities.


India Against Corruption (IAC) is an anti-corruption movement in India which sought to mobilize the masses in support of their demand for a less corrupt society in India. With our strong sentiment for a fair and ethical nation we financially contributed to IAC in 2011.


CHETNA is an NGO working towards empowerment of street and working children in a participatory approach. CHETNA provide education, counselling, recreational activities, and a framework to get organized. We help CHETNA by donating single side used paper which the children convert to writing pads and registers for their use.

Arya orphanage and its sister institutions are pioneers in the field of child welfare. They look after the upbringing and education of more than 1100 orphans. Free boarding and lodging are provided to girls. We help the institution by providing blankets as well as fodder for cows staying on the campus.


LokKalyanSamiti organizes camps for free cataract surgeries and is known as 'Poor man's eye hospital'. Like previous years, we sponsored one of the camps held in March 2013 where more than 28 poor patients were operated upon.


SUNIYE runs a pre-school where young hearing impaired children are taught spoken and written language. We made donations to the organization to support the young hearing-impaired children with proper facilities and guidance.

We contributed to the Prime Minister's Relief Fund to help the people of flood-affected Uttarakhand in 2013. We have also provided support to flood stricken people of Kashmir in 2014. Very recently on behalf of the NGO CHETNA, we distributed blankets to the people affected by a severe fire in the slums of Noida.

Some of the other institutions that we have supported and continue to support are:


• Greenpeace
• Helpage India
• Goonj
• Narayan SevaSansthan
• Oxfam India
• Chandra AryaVidyaMandir
• National Association for the Blind
• Public Cause Research Foundation
• BalVikasDhara
• Action Aid India
• JantaAdarshAndhVidyalaya

As we continue to grow rapidly, we are committed to increasing our efforts towards Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives.