1. "Dear Atul… I sincerely can say that Pöyry has really enjoyed the co-operation with Indus during the past years, and we are very much looking forward to next opportunities, where we can join forces with Indus in India. I wish you a very pleasant anniversary day!" Mr Esa Soikkeli, Senior Adviser, Thermal Power, Pöyry Finland Oy, Energy, Finland, 2nd January 2015; (Comments on INDUS' Consulting support – Foundation day).

2. "Dear Mr Kansal…Many congratulations on this achievement!! It's truly overwhelming to see your approach and contribution towards growth of the nation." Mr Saurabh Chakrovorty, Deputy General Manager – Administration, HCL Technologies Ltd, Noida, India, 15th December 2014; (Comments on INDUS Contribution to IFC's Recent "Doing Business in India" Report).

3. "Dear Atul…Thank you for this update, and for each of your very informative emails about new developments. That is how I keep up with what is going on in the environmental regulatory sphere in India." Mr Jay Pendergrass, Senior Attorney, Environmental Law Institute, Washington, DC, USA, 10th November 2014; (Comments on INDUS' Contribution to IFC's recent Doing Business in India reports).

4. "Dear Atul… A note of sincere appreciation for the package I received earlier this week. How very thoughtful that you compile these documents for your clients and business associates. I look forward especially to reviewing your "Envirotrends" practitioner's handbook – it appears quite comprehensive – and I've already let a peer of mine within EnSafe know about the GEMS book on Hazardous waste Management and Transboundary movement rule. How I wish I could have similar reference materials for all countries we work." Mr Don Bradford, President and CEO, EnSafe Inc., Memphis USA, 25th September 2014; (Comments on INDUS' Consulting Services & Envirotrends® Services).

5. "Dear Team…We are extremely contented with the Audit process and the learning from Indus team which will lead us to more In House improvements and environment awareness." Mr Naresh Bhatia, Head Operations - Plant 82 & Senior Manager –Sales, Nexteer Automotive India Pvt. Ltd., Gurgaon, Haryana, India, 14th September 2014; (Comments on INDUS' Consulting Services )

6. "Hi Atul…when we worked together, you and your people did a very thorough job of reviewing all the regulations much better than we could have ever done. Bringing in external, regulatory assistance is always a balancing of risk vs. cost. We have been using external experts on an as-needed basis based on the facility's complexity, past performance and regulatory framework. India has been falling under the bar as opposed to some very large and complex sites in other parts of the world. However, even with the facilities under the bar, every now and then it's good to do a deep cleaning, so to speak. Any efforts along these lines in India will result in calling you. I know you can deliver what we would be looking for …I'll be in touch as situations change." Mr Michael A Cycyota, Director- Ethics & Compliance, Corporate Environment, Health & Safety, Baxter International Inc., 30th March 2014; (Comments on INDUS' Consulting Services).

7. "Dear Mr Kansal…Thank you for sending us the Indus Times. It is indeed informative and keeps us abreast of the environment and government policy and sentiment behind it." Mr Praveen Chawla Vice President- Operations, Asian Hotels (West) Limited, New Delhi, 21st March 2014; (Comments on INDUS Times – Weekly e-Newsletter provided under Envirotrends® services).

8. "Dear Kansal-san…Thank you very much for your new year's greeting and also the updates in your business and life. I congratulate all the achievements in your business you have made out of your hard work. I always appreciate your presence as a trustable resource for Japanese business community in India and wishing to have more opportunities to work with you in this year." Mr Naoka Yatani, Consultant-Japanese Business, Dua Consulting Pvt Ltd, 24th January 2014; (Comments on INDUS' Consulting Services).

9. "Hi Atul…A very Happy and Prosperous New Year to you and your family members. I am extremely happy to see the progress your organization is making. More feathers on your cap. Our country has tremendous potential for FDIs. I think it is a great beginning for any multinational company to have the right legal guidance before they enter into any country. Your company is doing great work in this regard. I hope and believe that you have strengthened your organization as you will be busier now. All the very best to you and your organization for your future endeavours." Mr Alok Nigam, Asia Enzyme Hygiene, Engine and Coordinator, Procter & Gamble Hygiene and Health Care Limited, Mandideep, Madhya Pradesh, India, 7th January 2014; (Greetings on New Year 2014).

10. "Dear Atul...This is great and fantastic news!! I am extremely happy that Indian teams can match overseas folks as well as synergise with them to give the best to our clients. I am sure with the Skill sets INDUS team have, it will give a great competitive edge to reach the ultimate positive conclusion." Mr B Karthik, Teaming Partner for EHS Compliance Assessment, 19th December 2013; (Comments on INDUS' selection as Top 5-8 Consultants all over the world for ESG Assessment of DFID funded Projects in India).