Total Water Management (TWM) including Performance Evaluation of ETP/STP

We assist in establishing programmes to analyse the entire water cycle to develop sustainable water supplies, improve water quality, and reduce impacts of storm water in a cost-effective manner.


Through TWM, wastewater and storm water become water supply assets to meet water demands based on the clients' needs, and land uses are analyzed to reduce impermeable surfaces to allow water to be retained on site.

We also assist in calculating the water footprint of a selected unit based on total volume of freshwater used to produce goods and services by the business. Water use will be measured in water volume consumed (evaporated) and/or polluted per unit of time. The water footprint thus formed will act as a geographically explicit indicator, not only showing volumes of water use and pollution, but also the locations.

Review of operational practices is being followed by the TSDF for collection, transport, intermediate storage, treatment, and final disposal of hazardous wastes. We make regular visits to the TSDF to review the operational practices on site and to scrutinise necessary documentation to ascertain the compliance status of its operations viz-a-viz the conditions stipulated in its permits and/or required as per the applicable environmental laws both at the Central as well as State levels.